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Heading to My New Space

Over the past year, I've been making my way to a new space. This new space is the home to my new blog, transitioning from my Big Thinking on Small Grants blogging identity that I established when I was with Grassroots Grantmakers to one that's just me.

Here's what I'm up to.

My plan is to do some sleuthing in the philanthropic wetlands - those spaces at the edge of mainstream philanthropy that nurture new ideas and new practices. I'm hopeful that it is there that I'll find some people and organizations who aren't feeling constrained by philanthropic tradition, and are doing work that will actually make community engagement real.

I'm wondering about the possibility that there is some disruption in the works in those wetlands that is akin to other seemingly disconnected things that are happening in the world. These are things that would have been called "anti-establishment" in the '60's - things that are challenging conventional thinking and disrupting so many ideas, practices and organizations that felt cemented in place forever. If this is indeed happening, I want to know about it and do what I can to help it along.

So here I am, beginning again as a hopeful skeptic, using blogging as a good excuse to do some sleuthing and share what I find. My plan is to write something weekly with permission to do more when there's more to do, and skip those weeks when the well is dry.

Since you've joined me here, I have some favors to ask.

  • If you find something here that you think is interesting, would you pass it on to a colleague and help me grow the list of visitors to this my space?

  • If you spot something that you think would be interesting for me to chew on in a blog piece, would you shoot me an email (janis at janisrichardson dot com) with a short note?

  • Last but not least, if you think I'm off track or wasting my time, would you please let me know?

In return for one or all of the above, I'll treat you to some kolaches, Shiner beer and the best sunset in South Central Texas the next time you're in my home town in Hallettsville..

Welcome to my new space!

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