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Janis Foster Richardson


Here's the more official version:

Janis Johnston, Janis Foster, Janis Foster Richardson, Janis Richardson

Daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, friend

Big city lover - especially Memphis, Philadelphia, and Houston  - but happy at home in my rural Texas community

Music lover, pie maker, old house renovator, family history researcher, dog lover, card player, seamstress, baseball fanatic, yoga practitioner, sunset gazer, brown-thumb gardener, tortured writer, possibility spotter

Student, teacher, block club member, community organizer, neighborhood group president, program officer, foundation executive, board chair, executive director, blogger, writer, trainer, facilitator, consultant, personal coach

It's complicated. But that's me.

Interests & Expertise
  • Designing, implementing, and trouble-shooting small grants programs that support groups that everyday people form for mutual aid and collective action.

  • Helping funders bust out of traditional grantmaking behaviors that under-mine  well-intentioned efforts to work authentically with local citizens and community groups.

  • Supporting  executive and front-line foundation staff in their internal and external change-making efforts as coach, momentum-builder and devil's advocate.

  • Helping courageous change-makers at the intersection of philanthropy and resident-led investing learn together.

Professional Journey
  • M.A. - Urban Anthropology

  • President, Evergreen Historic District Association & Midtown (Memphis) Council of Neighborhoods 

  • Director, Memphis Center for Neighborhoods

  • Grants & Initiatives VP & Executive Vice President, Community Foundation for Greater Memphis

  • Faculty Member, ABCD Institute 

  • Trainer, Neighborworks Community Development Institute

  • Graduate, Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara's Coach Training Institute

  • Executive Director, Grassroots Grantmakers

  • Consultant & Coach

Resume & Publications
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