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What I Do


As a consultant, I love opportunities to really get to know an organization and join an effort that is grounded in the values of resident-centered investing and a culture of learning. I prefer work that is longer-term and includes me as a long-distance member of a team along with in-person time in with my lcient in their office and and community. Most typically, this engagement begins with a conversation from which I develop a short proposal that includes a scope of work and projected budget. This can be project or activity specific or something that is more geared to helping shift organizational culture. 

My areas of expertise include:

  • community engagement strategy and tactics

  • resident-centered investing, including resident-centered micro-granting

  • asset based community development

  • program and organizational assessments

  • designing avenues for organizational and individual learning and growth

What I dont' do:
  • Grantwriting

  • Fundraising

  • Foundation grant research


I love bringing my training as a coach from the Hudson Institute of Coaching, one of the esteemed coach-training schools in the U.S. to work at the intersection of philanthropy and resident-centered investing by offering on-going coaching to key people who are working in a change-environment, helping their organization shift its relationship with the community it serves.


On-going coaching involves a minimum of a three-month commitment, with 1 hour coaching sessions at pre-determined times each week. As a coach, my job is to listen, ask good questions, help you identify where you want to go and how you can get there, and support you in maintaining momentum along the way.


I also offer spot coaching as a one-time or as-needed option for people who want to connect for help now and then. I especially enjoy working with people who want are seeking out an informed sounding board to help them think through a philanthropy/resident-centered investing question.


If you're interested in getting a good overview of grassroots grantmaking and the world of resident-centered investing, I can offer training via a personalized webinar or in person. I especially enjoy groups that involve both funding organization staff and community members - especially when resident-led review and decision-making is in the picture and there is an opportunity to plan the training as a learning exchange. 

As a long-time member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute faculty, I also provide ABCD training for organizations are working at the intersection of philanthropy and resident-centered investing.

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